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Monday, July 7, 2014


Green White had a few big highlights, among them a trip to Germany (see below), but it was also a time of tragedy for the club. Within a few months of each other, original members Eckhard Kaempfer, Toni Kirschner, and Franz Fernbach all passed away. Each of them contributed greatly to the success of the club during it's first 33 years, and each of them are still missed today. They were only in their 50s.

On the field, Green White played a full season without Rudi Mayer for the first time in two decades. Richard Meschbach was named the first team's MVP and represented the club at the 25th annual Sport, Radio & Press ball along with Miss Green White, Terry Toth, and the master of ceremonies for that silver anniversary event, Green White's Rick Kaempfer.

But the real excitement came for Green White's U-14 boys team, led by Wolfgang Richter and Steve Pastorelli. That team went to Germany over spring break to play in Hanover, Kaiserslautern, and Niederrheim (among others). Once again, the Germans didn't know what hit them, as Green White won three games on the trip.

The roster for that team was: Ryan Ewanio, Jason French, Todd Svihla, Michael Hane, Scott Holper, Miro Ivelic, Michael McAdams, Carlin Metzger, Alan Piro, Christopher Trenn, Eric Urban, Ryan Peterson, Kurt Peterson, Kyle Peterson, Kevin Yoyen, and Anthony Pastorelli.

Here are a few pictures from that trip, courtesy of Steve Pastorelli...

In Pop Culture

*The number one song of the year was "Look Away" by Chicago.

*The Academy Award for best picture was given to "Driving Miss Daisy"

*The top rated television show of 1989 was "The Cosby Show"

Elsewhere in 1989

~George H.W. Bush takes the oath of office as the 41st President of the United States.

~Ted Bundy is executed in Florida.

~China cracks down on the student protests at Tiananman Square.

~Pete Rose agrees to a lifetime ban from baseball after evidence of his gambling on the sport emerges.

~An earthquake hits San Francisco during the World Series between two bay area teams, Oakland and San Francisco.

~The Berlin Wall comes down during protests. East Germans can leave their country for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Coming next month: 1990.

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