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Thursday, February 27, 2014


After their big championship season of 1984, a few of the First Team players moved on and played for different clubs, but the core of the club remained. One key member, John Dunkas, was injured during the season, thinning their roster further. When Green White staged a men's tournament at their new fields in the summer of 1985, they dipped back into their archives for some help. Among the players they brought back was one of their all-time greats, John Woolfe. He may have been getting up in age, but John still had the touch, scoring a key goal in a Green White victory.

Just a few weeks after that, Green White got a visit from an Austrian team, Edelweiss Linz. They scrimmaged at the Green White fields, and the home team was victorious. Final score: Green White 1--Edelweiss Linz 0. (Photo: Green White captain Rudi Mayer greeting the Edelweiss captain before the game)

While Green White lost a few players, they also welcomed back Mark Laxgang. Mark's father Stefan, and his uncle Joe, were widely regarded as two of the best players to ever wear a Green White uniform. Mark's cousin Mike Blaas had been one of the players holding down the fort while Mark was away at college, and had played a key role on the 1984 Green White championship team.

A lot was expected from Mark. He had just graduated from Indiana University, which he attended on a soccer scholarship. The Tacoma Stars had just drafted him with their first round pick. But instead of playing pro ball, Laxgang returned to Chicago and donned the same Green and White colors he had been wearing since the age of seven. Mark didn't disappoint the Green White fans upon his return. He led the team in scoring, was named their MVP, and was recognized at the Sport, Radio, & Press ball as Chicago's Player of the Year. That made him the fifth Green White player to be so honored. (The others were John Woolfe 1968, Rudi Mayer 1972 & 1975, Hansi Mayer 1973, and Roberto Arceniega 1982).

Green White Off The Field

The final Zimmer girl, Moni, was named Miss Green White in 1985. (Photo: President Hans Metzinger, Miss Green White Moni Zimmer, and her proud dad Stefan Zimmer)

In those days, Miss Green White was expected to give a speech. This is a portion of Moni's prepared remarks from 1985...

"I have been a Green White member all my life, and for as long as I can remember, have been spending every Sunday at the soccer fields. I have been playing soccer since the age of eight and have currently finished my last season in high school. I am still playing with the Green White Ladies Team and will continue to do so. My parents have been active members of Green White since the club was founded. My dad is now the coach of the first team. Soccer plays a big part in my life, and I find it a great honor to have been chosen to represent the Green White Soccer Club."

In Pop Culture

*The number one song of the year was "Careless Whisper" by Wham.

*The Academy Award for best picture was given to "Out of Africa"

*The top rated television show of 1985 was "The Cosby Show"

Elsewhere in 1985

~Ronald Reagan was inaugurated for his second term as President of the United States.

~Live Aid, a gigantic charity concert for the starving people of Africa, was held in both Philadelphia and London simultaneously. Sting, U2, Queen, David Bowie, The Who, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Tom Petty, The Cars, Led Zeppelin, Tina Turner, and the Rolling Stones were among the many acts. Phil Collins appeared in London, then flew to Philadelphia and appeared there too.

~Michael Jordan was named Rookie of the Year.

~Da Bears had one of the most incredible seasons in football history, going 15-1, and clinching a spot in the Super Bowl. (Spoiler Alert: They won it in early 1986)

Coming next month: 1986.

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