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Friday, January 31, 2014


1984 might just have been the best year in Green White First Team history. This picture (above) was taken at the Schwaben Center, the day Green White clinched the Major Division Championship.

"That team was made up of a very special mix of players," 1984 Team MVP Frank Speth recalls. "Half the team was experienced and the other half, was still wet behind the ears. Experience & youth, what a combination!"

John Dunkas remembers it the same way. "Great crew as it had a mix of both older and younger players."

The team was managed by Steve Zimmer and Hans Metzinger, and Speth recalls the roles of each of the players. "Our leader was the never aging Rudi Mayer. In addition, we added a little Polish flair to the team that year w/Joe, Tony & Lester, all whom were very key contributors. Our other veterans were Roberto Arciniega, Nick Wosnyj & Hansi Metzinger Jr. The youth group, (who did the dirty work & all the running by the way) were led by goalkeeper Matt Clark, (who still looks the same today), defenders Mike Andres, Frank Schmaltz & myself. The workhorses in the midfield & up front were Mike Blaas, Rich Hart & John Dunkas."

Dunkas will never forget the day captured on film above. "The final game was against Schwaben and it went down to the wire. We won 2-1 with less the 5 minutes left." Dunkas scored the winning goal in his last healthy season with the first team. (He was injured the following year).

The First Team later also won the Amateur Cup and the Donauschwaben Tournament.

“A Season to Remember," Frank Speth says to this day. "We were so happy to make all the Green White members proud again."

Green White Tournaments

Throughout the 1980s, Green White tournaments were staged every year. Here are a few pictures of the people helping out at the Green White chuck wagon, some familiar faces and key Green White members. The top photo left to right, Helen Melcher, Hilde Becker, Rolf Albrecht, Annie Metzinger, and Trude Winterkorn. In the bottom photo, left to right Gus Bender, Eckhard Kaempfer, Herta Melcher, and Horst Melcher.

Green White Off The Field

Green White women's team player, and life-long member (to this date) Sonja Melcher (Nilson) was named Miss Green White 1984/85. She is celebrating her 30th annivesary as Miss Green White by wearing her sash and tiara to work every day this year. Right Sonja?

Elsewhere in Soccer

~The European Championship was held in France, and West Germany had a disappointing tournament, failing to reach the semi-finals after losing to Spain 1-0. The host nation France won it all. Michel Platini scored nine goals in the tournment to lead his country to the title.

~The Chicago Sting played their final outdoor season. One of the members of that last Sting team was former Green White player Robert Meschbach.

In Pop Culture

*The number one song of the year was "When Doves Cry" by Prince.

*The Academy Award for best picture was given to "Amadeus"

*The top rated television show of 1984 was "Dynasty"

Elsewhere in 1984

~George Orwell's novel did not come true.

~The first personal computer by Apple was unveiled in an iconic Super Bowl commercial.

~The Chicago Bulls drafted Michael Jordan with the third pick in the NBA draft.

~Ronald Reagan was re-elected president in a landslide victory over Walter Mondale, and the first female vice presidential candidate in American history, Geraldine Ferraro.

~The Chicago Bears made it to the NFC Championship game, losing to eventual champs, the San Franscisco 49ers.

Coming next month: 1985.

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