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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Green White was always strong indoors, but all the stars seemed to align for Green White during the 1963 season. The Kaempf brothers returned to the club, and along with the Laxgang brothers (Joe and Stefan, photo), they led the team to the indoor title.

This is the way Willi Franz remembered it when he wrote about it the following year: "Sunday after Sunday Green White played in the Major Division indoor game of the week at the Chicago Armory in front of 3000 fans. Finally, in the last game of the 1963 season, the team scratched and clawed their way to a 0-0 tie against a very strong Schwaben AC team (the eventual outdoor Major Division champs), and with that point, clinched their very first championship of the Major Divison."

He listed the starting lineup for that indoor team as: Sam Berleth, Dietmar Dittrich, Stefan Laxgang, Joe Laxgang, Georg Kaempf, Gottfried Winter, and Adi Kaempf.

After the big game, the club threw a big "Hallen Siegesfeier" (or indoor soccer victory party). And judging by the money they pulled in at the bar that night, the players and fans were in a very celebratory mood.

Green White off the field

With Michael Melcher still at the helm as the president, the club membership continued to grow. Original members married and had children (see the growing list below), and others joined as well. Helmut Filian was one of them. “I joined Green White in 1963. I was 19 years old at the time, and had just moved into the country. I lived a half block away from the clubhouse, and the next day I was there. I played for awhile when we practiced at the Forest Preserve over on Foster, but I was more of a supporter, and a club member, then a player. And then later, I helped out with the kids program.”

By now, the club was not only drawing fans at their games, they were drawing crowds for their social events. The Fasching Ball, a full-dress costume ball, was a big hit (photo), as was the "Weinachtsfeier" (or Christmas party). They were also staging an annual "Stiftungsfest" or anniversary party. The 7th anniversary party was held on July 27th in 1963. Green White was still hampered by their insufficient facilities, but that was in the process of being rectified. More on that in the coming years.

1963 also marks the first year that the club named a Miss Green White. Her duties included representing the club at the various different German functions in Chicagoland (and there were many). The first girl lucky enough to wear that Miss Green White crown was Helga Peltzer. (Spoiler alert: She'll also wear the crown in 1964 and 1965)

GW Weddings in 1963

Horst & Herta Melcher

Joe & Helen Hertl

*Also married in 1963, Adam and Anne-Marie Harjung, and Klaus and Hilde Kilian.

GW Babies Born in 1963

See any trend with the boy names?

Richard Kaempfer (photo)
Richard Schneider
Richard Meschbach
Michael Blaas
Michael Schmaltz
Michael Kraemer
Albin Schwarz Jr.

Karin Bischof (photo)

Tina Zimmer (photo)

In Pop Culture

~The #1 pop hit of the year was “Sugar Shack” by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs

~The #1 TV show of the year was “The Beverly Hillbillies

~The Academy Award for Best Picture went to “Tom Jones

Elsewhere in Chicago

~The Loyola Ramblers shocked the college basketball world by winning the NCAA championship.

~On December 29, 1963, the Bears intercepted New York Giants quarterback Y.A. Title five times and won the NFL championship. 45,801 fans came out to witness the 14-10 victory on an incredibly chilly afternoon at Wrigley Field. (And some say that Wrigley hasn't seen a championship!) Bill Wade scored both touchdowns.

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